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Apr 29, 2016 • 2 min read

Recruiting Passive Job Seekers

Passive Job Seeker Image The traditional method of finding jobs involved polishing a resume which could contain a summary, followed by a chronological list of employers and education. In response to job advertisements in the newspapers, trade specific publications, and participation at job fairs, employees would share their resume with potential employers in hopes of obtaining employment.

With the proliferation of the Internet, which became available to the general public by around the mid-1990’s, things became more convenient, at least initially. Numerous web sites were created where employers would post job advertisements online. And employees could, for the first time, apply directly on the web site without having to drop off or mail (using traditional letter mail or email) in their job application. Today, there are hundreds of websites where employees can search for and apply for jobs. In some cases, the application is done directly on the job search site, and at other times the employee is redirected to the employer’s own website. This has made the job search and application process more cumbersome in some ways, as the employee now has to search many sites and fill out very similar applications multiple times.

How profiles help passive job seekers

Many top notch employees therefore no longer invest as much effort in setting up and maintaining accounts on the various job sites, and regularly searching for applying for the jobs, even though they are open to considering other employers. Such employees are often exceptional candidates as they have current, relevant, and much desired skills. One of the best ways to hire passive job seekers is to contact them to inquire if they may be available for a job or project. Several websites such as LinkedIn allow profiles of potential employees who can be contacted on demand.

At passive job seekers can create rich user profiles, complete with multiple images, description of qualifications, and attachments such as Adobe Acrobat PDF or MS Word files. Employers can easily specify their requirements, and subsequently contact passive job seekers with reference to the jobs which they are recruiting for.

How profiles help employers

Another way to spark the interest of passive job seekers is by demonstrating to them why they should work for the employer. This can be done by creating a profile of the employer. This could feature images such as the office, work site, or any special equipment which is used by the employer. It can also be achieved by occasionally writing thought provoking articles which demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of the employer. At, for example, well written articles are frequently provided on a wide range of inbound marketing issues. The employer can also provide such articles in the file attachments associated with the profile.

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